Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canada SMS free gratis gratuit kostenlos bramka bramki frei envoi

Free Send SMS to Canada

Aliant Telecom
Send free text message to an Aliant Telecom.

Send a text message.

AT&T Wireless
Send a text message to any AT&T compatible digital phone with text messaging service, whether you've got a wireless phone or not. Message text to AT&T Digital PCS phones is limited to 110 characters.

Bell Mobility
The service that allows you to send a message to Bell's Text Messaging subscribers from anywhere in the world. The recipient should be a customer of Bell Mobility and is a Text Messaging subscriber.

Bird SMS
Send free SMS in USA and Canada. Free acounts can send up to 10 FREE SMS each month. Registration is required.

Cingular Wireless
It's simple to send messages to Cingular customers.

Cricket Wireless
Send a Text Message to a Cricket customer (US).

MessageX is a free universal wireless messaging service that turns a pager or PCS phone into a personal wireless messaging center. Sign up for free MessageX services, so friends, family members and colleagues can send you messages any place your pager or PCS phone works. All they'll need is your regular email address.

Free text messaging in US and Canada.

Telus Mobility
You can send a message directly to any TELUS (Canada) Mobility digital PCS or Mike phone or alphanumeric pager from this Web site.

Send text messages (SMS) to cell phones in North America. Most service providers are supported. You will not be charged for this service. send as many messages as you need.

You can send a message of up to 155 characters to any Fido (Canada) customer. Note that Fido customers are charged 10¢ per message

Yahoo Mobile
Send free text messages to various carriers in US.

Messaging You
A free PC to SMS messaging software. Download MessagingYou Standard for United States messaging only.

Send free text messages to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Qwest and Cingular mobile subscribers.

Send a message to any Nextel customer.

A free SMS/paging site.

Send messages to Qwest Messaging Center customers.

High speed text messaging to Rogers subscribers.

Send a message to any SkyTel U.S. alphanumeric customer.

Free SMS Messages Text Messaging Service . With SMS, send a message to any digital mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada. SMS allows up to 140 characters of text to be sent to a digital mobile phone.

SMS Everywhere
Send a sms message to U.S. or Canada cell phone. You can send a message only to one phone at a time.

SMS Glossary
Send a text message to Canada or the US.

Send a message to a SunCom (US) phone.

SureWest Wireless
Send messages to SureWest (US) customers.

Use this messaging area to send quick text messages to your friends who are also T-Mobile customers. Messages received will be charged or deducted from the T-Mobile customer's allotted messages.

Send a text message to a TBayTel Mobility (Canada) subscriber.

Sprint PCS
Send 2 way sms to Sprint customers.

Canada Country Code : (+1)
Canada SMS Messaging Centers :
Fido Canada +1-5149931123
Canada Cellular Operator :
+1204 - Microcell Telecom Inc

For more details about Canada network information, roaming partners, services, coverage map and the Web site address. Click Here

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